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My name is Paige Davis and I have been passionate about birth for as long as I can remember. Friends and family have called on me to attend their births not even realizing they were putting me in a doula role long before I even knew what the word meant. After helping my sister with her home birth, I realized this is what I was made for. Originally from the South, we took a three year adventure to the Seattle area where I was able to pursue full force the education and credentials needed to pursue birth work full time.  After a year of pandemic lockdowns and being away from family and a brand new grandson, we decided to take our adventure back home to Alabama. 

I received my Birth Doula training through Bastyr University’s Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations and I currently hold certifications with DONA International and PALS  (Pacific Alliance of Labor Support) as well as SBD (Stillbirthday) as a bereavement doula which will allow me to support and care for families experiencing infant loss at any stage. I also offer Postpartum Doula services specializing in newborn care, having advanced training in breastfeeding and sleep coaching. 


My heart is to create connections with my clients because I believe that relationship is vitally important when someone allows you into the most private and vulnerable spaces that are a part of labor and delivery.  Ideally, I want you and your partner to feel like you have your mom, sister, grandmother, best friend, auntie all rolled up into one, helping support you and cheer you on for this remarkable event. 


My goal is to empower you to achieve the birth you desire and help navigate your birth plan; whether that is discussing the type of labor you desire to have and how to best achieve it, managing pain, comfort measures, breathing techniques or postpartum expectations.  In the labor room, my support is both physical and emotional in nature and I always want to bring a calm presence into the room. 


I love candles, twinkle lights, essential oils, herbal remedies, comfy blankets and great food.  I also have grown to love the outdoors with paddle boarding, hiking and long walks with my husband and pup. I cannot wait to be a part of your birth experience and make memories together. 

Continued Education

  • Dual certification through DONA International & PALS

  • Certified SBD Bereavement Doula

  • Birth & Postpartum Doula Training- Bastyr University, Simkin Center for Allied Birth

  • Advanced Breastfeeding Training- Bastyr University, Simkin Center for Allied Birth

  • Professional Childbirth Educator Training

  • Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member

  • Spinning Babies®

  • CPR/Basic Life Saving Training

  • Professional Breastfeeding Training

  • Tens Unit Qualified

  • Birth Photography 

       And More!

  • Thompson Method Breastfeeding Course 2019

  • Taking Cara Babies Course 2020

  • Evidence Based Care Course 2021 

  • DONA Ways to Attract Clients Course 2021

  • Trauma Informed Care 2021

  • Evidence Based Birth- 5 Ways to Prevent Tearing 2021

  • Evidence Based Birth- Evidence on Interventions 2021

  • Evidence Based Birth-Evidence on Comfort Measures 1 & 2 2022

  • Evidence Based Birth-PROM/GBS and Newborn Procedures 2022

  • Bundle Birth© Physiologic Training for Doulas 2023

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