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Newborn Baby

Imagine Birth


Imagine going into labor being scared, unsure of your strength, and wondering if you will remember everything you had read and prepared for....Now imagine not worrying about any of those things because you and your partner hired a doula whose only job is to emotionally and physically support you as well as inform and advocate for the birth plan you've created.


So many things go into achieving a positive birth experience. Having a Doula on your birth team increases the chances of you experiencing the birth you have envisioned. Not everything goes as planned, but a Doula can help you prepare, navigate and advocate on your behalf so that no matter what, you feel like you were empowered through it all. 


"Her prenatal visits gave me not only a lot of information but also ideas of calm and soothe my chaotic pregnancy life with two kids. She was just like a good friend and big auntie. Plus, all the exercise tips she gave me helped me a lot during the last month!"