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Doula Services

Postpartum Doula

$35 hour (4 hour minimum, daytime)

$40 hour (8 hour minimum, nighttime)

Postpartum care is a service that primarily takes care of the new mom and assisting her as her body heals and her and her partner adjust to the newborn season. That can look differently from family to family. For one it may be taking care of baby while mom showers and takes care of herself. For another it may be light household work that helps set the mom up for success for the rest of the day/week. For some it may be preparing light meals and massage for mom as she rests. It also can include instruction on newborn care. Nighttime it can mean taking care of baby so exhausted parents can have a full nights sleep.

  • Packages or hourly rates

  • Meeting to create a plan for support

  • Newborn Specialist to teach or assist in baby care (changing, feedings, bathing, soothing)

  • Emotional and educational support

  • Lactation support 

  • Light house cleaning

  • Light meal prep

  • Laundry

  • Sibling care

  • Grocery pick up

  • Transportation to postnatal and/or pediatrician appointments (Antenatal support only)

Ask about discounted rate for birth clients

Postpartum Rescue

$50 (1 hr) 

Rescue anchor

When you need a one on one with a postpartum expert. Postpartum is hard.  Use this for anything related to postpartum. If you have a medical emergency, call your provider. 

  • breastfeeding issues/troubleshooting

  • recognizing hunger cues

  • vaginal or cesarean care tips or issues (non-medical)

  • questions like "is this normal?"

  • newborn questions

  • breast pumping questions

  • emotional processing

  • Zoom or voice only

Postpartum Rescue button connects directly to email and I will make every effort to schedule this rescue as soon as possible.  

I believe EVERY woman deserves a doula by her side during her pregnancy and birth. Please do not let financial limitations keep you from reaching out. Potential scholarships as funding is available. Payment plans are available.

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