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Bereavement Doula Services

Infant Loss Support

Perinatal loss

This is "pay it forward" support. No charge to you at the time you need it. 

No amount of words can take away the pain that you are experiencing right now. I am deeply saddened for you and with you. 


As a bereavement and perinatal loss doula, what I can do is offer my support. This may be in ways you may not have thought of or knew you needed.  While I continually offer emotional support, as your doula, I will be there every step of this journey physically and with information and advocacy. Whether you are miscarrying or have miscarried,  received a fatal diagnosis or had a sudden tragic stillbirth, I will be by your side through it all.


I am trained in all aspects of infant loss so I bring knowledge of the process as well as ideas to help you grieve and honor the life of your baby.  Most of the time, everything happens so fast and then as days, weeks or months pass, a family wishes they had known how to hold onto and capture some portions of the time not only for their memory but also for their healing.  

As well as being familiar with the process, I have access to some really amazing resources that can ease the burden of this time. Knowing what resources and information is out there and providing it at a time when you may not even know what to ask, is a part of the informational and advocacy portion of my role. 


Do not walk through this alone, please.  Allow me to walk with you.  Any loss, no matter the age, is a loss to you....and it's also one to me.   

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